Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The boats and the engines are almost new, tested and serviced before any delivery..

Included in Price: The Insurance cover and all the necessary safety equipment according to the Greek legislation.

Not included: V.A.T. and fuel.

The following services can also be provided with an additional charge:

1. Delivery of the boat to any port of Greece, according the customer wishes.

2. Presence of skilled skipper, in case the customer is not qualified for driving a speedboat (a relevant driving license is required by the Greek legislation) throughout the duration of his vacation.

3. Airport pick-up and return of the customers to and from the boat.

4. Tailor-made excursions and boating events.

Our boats are covered by Liability insurance contracts to any third parties according to the Greek Law 2743/99 with the following maximum per accident amounts:

Death / injuries up to 500.000 €

Material damage to third parties up to 150.000 €

Marine pollution 150.000 €

You are kindly requested to send us your full details. During the rental period you are obliged to carry on board the relevant licenses of Permits to operate a Speedboat and provide them to the Port Authorities if asked.


– According to the General Regulation of Ports (G.R.P.) n. 38 regulating the leasing of motorized boats and high-speed small crafts:

– On the license of the leased boat special reference of its destination should be made with a red ink registration of the statement “LEASED ACCORDING TO THE ORDERS OF N. 38 GENERAL REGULATION OF PORTS”.

The fine for violation of this order may amount to forty thousand (40.000) euro. !!!

The lessor must hand over to the lessee all the following:

a) The original permit to operate of the leased boat.

b) Copy of the insurance contract.

c) Certified copy of the Private Rental Agreement.

d) Copies of the General Regulations of Ports (G.R.P.) n. 20, 23 regulating the traffic and circulation of the motorized boats and high-speed crafts, as well as the G.R.P. n. 38.

Validation of Rental Agreement: 30% deposit of the total leasing amount.The remaining 70% is paid before the delivery of the boat.

Reservation which is canceled 25 days before the rental period, 60% of deposit is refunded.

Reservation which is canceled 15 days before the rental period, 30% of deposit is refunded.

Reservation which is canceled 5 days before the rental period, there is no refund in the deposit.

The boats are insured in fully comprehensive, except from the amount that should be covered from the lessee in case of an accident. Depending the boat, this amount is deposited in cash or charged in credit card before the rental period and refunded to the lessee after the rental period.

The boats are delivered with full of fuel, both in the main tank and in the auxiliary engine’s tank. The lessee is obliged to return the boat in full tank or refund the lessor with the cost of the consumed amount.

The rental boats should be delivered from the lessee at same perfect condition when received from the Lessor. Any difference in the condition or damage will be covered from the Lessee.

The company does not bear any responsibility in any damages that will be created due to lessee’s fault at his rental period and should be reimbursed from the lessee.

The company does not bear any responsibility in any loss or damage of the belongings of the captain or the people on board.

There will be no refund if the boat will be returned earlier than the time agreed.

Delivery and collection of the boat is realized with no extra charge at the Marina of Kalamata.

For any further clarifications or information please call us at phone numbers:

Telephone: +30 (27210) 82035

Mobile: +30 6940 820980

E-mail: info@rentapowerboat.gr